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Super Lemon Haze RBX3 Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Super Lemon Haze RBX3 Feminized Seeds on the net right away from Ethos Genetics with fast and low-key inland shipping to your location in America.

Super Lemon Haze RBX3 is a prominent predominantly sativa ganja variety marketed as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine weed herbs whereas standard seeds give masculine and feminine plants at practically even percentages.

Super Lemon Haze RBX3’s flowering kind is Photo-period. Auto marijuana types bloom without regard to lighting schedule whereas conventional photo-period strains conform to sunlight hours.

The (Super Lemon Haze X Lilac #22) X (Super Lemon Haze X (Super Lemon Haze X Lemon OG Haze) parents of Super Lemon Haze RBX3 bestow the finest properties to this marijuana strain. The matured crop has astonishing terpene combinations that contribute first-rate fragrances and essences.

Buying Super Lemon Haze RBX3 Feminized Seeds by Ethos Genetics will allow you to develop this fabulous weed variety in your residence or somewhere otherwise.

Your Super Lemon Haze RBX3 Feminized Seeds are swiftly mailed without going thru customs in simply a short number of days from buying these marijuana seeds on the internet.

Numerous American growers use Stellar Seeds as the most trusted online seedbank to purchase Ethos Genetics goods at lowered prices. We introduce secured discreet packaging to all places in the U.S.

As the trustworthy American-led shop for first-class ganja seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to client pleasure. Do drop an email to our sociable client service in the event you want any help obtaining Super Lemon Haze RBX3 Feminized Seeds online.

Super Lemon Haze RBX3 Strain Information

This variety, known as Super Lemon Haze RBx3, is a creation of Ethos Genetics. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, well-known for its energizing and social effects. The yield is impressive, as is the cannabinoid content. Developed from a blend of various strains, including the renowned Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seed Co. of 2009, its lineage is a complex mix of Super Lemon Haze and Lemon OG Haze genetics.

In terms of growth, Super Lemon Haze RBx3 is a robust plant, exhibiting strong growth both upwards and sideways. It has medium spacing between branches and produces large, airy flowers that are easy to trim due to the minimal foliage. This plant is versatile, thriving in both indoor and outdoor environments, with a flowering period ranging from 60 to 70 days when grown indoors.

The aroma profile of Super Lemon Haze RBx3 is predominantly sweet lemon, mixed with hints of berry and spices. Its total active cannabinoids typically range between 25 to 30%. The experience of using this strain is notably uplifting and conducive to social interactions, making it a popular choice for those seeking a positive and engaging high.

Super Lemon Haze RBX3 Grow Guide

Super Lemon Haze RBX3 is a reasonably straightforward weed variety to nurture that performs well in many environments.

When the Super Lemon Haze RBX3 Feminized Seeds have sprouted, you’ll be able to present them with illumination and water. Provide fertilizer when Super Lemon Haze RBX3 has fulfilled its sprouting growing cycle.

The nuggets are done following a flowering time of 60–70 days, absolutely caked in resin and coated in trichome crystals. Super Lemon Haze RBX3 brings in a rewarding High crop of terrific predominantly sativa flowers that produce good Heady, Inspirational, Ecstatic, Strong results.

Stellar Seeds advises the ScrOG approach for prime product when producing this strain indoors to boost bud composition. Super Lemon Haze RBX3 behaves notably nicely outside with phenomenal sizes. This prodigious weed plant solely wants ample luminosity, moisture, and nutrients to burst forth.

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Strain Data Sheet


Ethos Genetics


Cerebral, Creative, Euphoric, Powerful

Flowering Time

60–70 days

Flowering Type



(Super Lemon Haze X Lilac #22) X (Super Lemon Haze X (Super Lemon Haze X Lemon OG Haze)


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

5 seeds

Plant Height

100–200 cm



THC Content

25–30 pct.


Mostly Sativa