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White Lavender Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy White Lavender Feminized Seeds on the web speedily from G13 Labs with fast and stealthy in-house delivery anywhere in America.

White Lavender is an esteemed predominantly sativa marijuana plant ready to buy as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding pot plants whereas standard seeds give pollinating and feminine plants at virtually even spreads.

White Lavender’s flowering kind is Standard photo-period. Auto marihuana variations bloom irrespective of day length whereas standard photoperiod strains conform to sunlight hours.

The White Widow x Lavender lineage of White Lavender supply the perfect aspects to this weed strain. The crop has remarkable terpenes that bring forth outstanding scents and essences.

Buying White Lavender Feminized Seeds by G13 Labs will enable you to cultivate this terrific cannabis plant indoors, outside, or anyplace more.

Your White Lavender Feminized Seeds are swiftly shipped without going through customs in simply a number of days from paying for these marihuana seeds on the net.

Numerous American growers use Stellar Seeds as the greatest online shop to purchase G13 Labs wares at the most affordable rates. We present secured secretive packaging to all places in the U.S.

As the best in-country seeds bank for the best marijuana seeds, Stellar Seeds is dedicated to consumer gratification. Please do reach out to our kind client service for those who want any support purchasing White Lavender Feminized Seeds online.

White Lavender Strain Information

White Lavender’s spectacular vigour may be tough – planted indoors it may grow to be too massive. White Widow genes are controlling this extreme development a bit of which makes it simpler to cultivate. By shortening the flowering stage White Lavender didn’t lose something from its dense flowers and big yields. Its strong and spicy aroma and flavour begins to disclose in the middle of flowering interval. For the perfect outcomes advisable harvesting ought to happen when just a few of the trichomes go amber color. Its effect is profusely cerebral and intense.

White Lavender Grow Guide

White Lavender is a reasonably effortless pot plant to propagate that does well in most situations.

As soon as your White Lavender Feminized Seeds have started growing, you’ll be able to present them with illumination and water. Provide nutes when White Lavender has accomplished its germination development state.

The budlets are harvestable over a flowering time of 8–12 weeks, profusely caked in resin and topped in kief. White Lavender brings in a special production of magnificent predominantly sativa buds that produce gratifying feelings.

Stellar Seeds urges the ScrOG technique for the best possible outcomes when producing this strain indoors to encourage bud creation. White Lavender does really effectively under the sun with outstanding growth sizes. This wonderful cannabis plant solely requires ample light, moisture, and additives to flourish.

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Strain Data Sheet


G13 Labs

Flowering Time

8–12 weeks

Flowering Type



White Widow x Lavender

Pack Size

5 seeds

Plant Height

1.5 meters plus




Mostly Sativa