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White Rhino Regular Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy White Rhino Regular Seeds on the web instantly from Nirvana with fast and stealthy inland delivery in America.

White Rhino is a distinguished primarily indica cannabis cultivar retailed as Regular seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine reefer plants whereas typical seeds provide pollinating and feminine plants at almost even ratios.

White Rhino’s flowering kind is Photoperiodic. Automatic pot cultivars bloom without regard to daylight hours whereas photoperiodic phenotypes conform to sunlight hours.

The White Widow x Maple Leaf Indica genes of White Rhino bring forth the perfect attributes to this marijuana variety. The crop has marvelous terps that result in outstanding fragrances and tastes.

Buying White Rhino Regular Seeds by Nirvana will enable you to cultivate this phenomenal cannabis cultivar inside, outdoors, or anyplace at all.

Your White Rhino Regular Seeds are swiftly mailed locally in simply a short number of days from paying for these pot seeds online.

Very many American clients use Stellar Seeds as the most reputable seed store to purchase Nirvana offerings at lowered costs. We give ensured secretive shipping to all areas in the U.S.

As the trustworthy patriotic seed distributor for the best cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is driven to consumer happiness. Simply email our outgoing sales service if you happen to want any aid purchasing White Rhino Regular Seeds online.

White Rhino Strain Information

White Rhino is a strong F1 hybrid of White Widow and a curiously strong Canadian indica cultivar. Its father accommodates extra indica-genes than White Widow, its mom, making for denser, considerably shorter plants. Due to its high THC content, White Rhino can be very appropriate for medicinal reefer purposes. The style of this smoke is hashy and barely harsh, making it work properly in a bong. The excitement is stoney and comes on hard.

White Rhino Grow Guide

White Rhino is a reasonably straightforward reefer cultivar to develop that flourishes in many growing zones.

As soon as the White Rhino Regular Seeds have started growing, you may present them with light and water. Provide fertilizer when White Rhino has finalized its germination growing cycle.

The nugs are finished growing over a flowering time of 56–70 days, completely resiny and topped in trichome crystals. White Rhino brings in a lucrative production of marvelous primarily indica flowers that supply gratifying experiences.

Stellar Seeds suggests the Screen Of Green methodology for the finest harvests when producing this variety indoors to promote bud building. White Rhino grows very properly outdoor with terrific sizes. This terrific cannabis plant solely wants ample sunshine, moisture, and nutrition to burgeon.

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Strain Data Sheet



Flowering Time

56–70 days

Flowering Type



White Widow x Maple Leaf Indica

Medical Properties


Pack Size

10 seeds

Plant Height





Mostly Indica